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Cash Organizer helps you keep your finances under control. The program is able to keep records of any complexity, and also supports synchronization with your bank accounts – all card transactions will be added automatically!

Features Cash Organizer

  • Accounting for income and expenses
  • Maintaining a personal, family or project budget,
  • Setting financial goals,
  • Adding planned incoming and outgoing payments,
  • Dividing income and expenses into categories, marking transactions with tags, comments,
  • Automatic synchronization with banks, adding transactions with auto-categorization.
  • Import, export of data in various formats, copying information to the cloud,
  • A huge number of different displays and sortings for financial reports.


  • Synchronization with 2500+ banks of the CIS and the world,
  • Data exchange over an encrypted connection,
  • Ease of budgeting due to competent grouping, balance forecasting,
  • Ability to add your own categories with subcategories, projects with a nested structure,
  • Multicurrency, updating exchange rates online, viewing course statistics,
  • The function of splitting payments, their tagging, commenting, sorting by recipients,
  • Working with QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV, TXT formats – import, TXT, CSV, HTML, PDF – data export,
  • Cross-platform – Windows, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web, database synchronization between copies on different devices.


  • Difficulties may arise in the early stages of work,
  • The instruction is not integrated into the application – it is downloaded separately,
  • Pattern login is not supported – only PIN code or fingerprint protection.
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