SASPlanet download free from Windows
SAS.Planet is a program for downloading and viewing satellite maps based on popular services like Yandex Maps, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, VirtualEarth and others. SASPlanet features Discovery of
Wolfram Mathematica download free from Windows
Wolfram Mathematica is an advanced multifunctional system for modern technical computing. Provides the user with more than 5,000 built-in tools that are widely used in solving a variety
Stellarium download free from Windows
Stellarium is a program that is a virtual planetarium with advanced features. Shows high-quality 3D images of stars, planets and satellites in real time. Features of Stellarium Equatorial
Scratch 2 download free from Windows
Scratch 2.0 is an application with a wide range of interactive tools for creating simple games and animations. Contains detailed lessons for teaching novice users all the intricacies
Scratch download free from Windows
Scratch is a free and easy-to-use program that allows you to create your own animations. Designed to teach primary and secondary school students the basics of programming and
MathType download free from Windows
MathType is a professional program for typing and editing mathematical formulas and equations. Supports any text editors, as well as printing and presentation applications. It features a clear
Google classroom download free from Windows
Google Classroom is an effective platform for creating online courses and distance learning. It integrates with popular Google services and includes a number of useful tools for organizing
GeoGebra download free from Windows
GeoGebra is a free program that allows you to perform all kinds of mathematical operations. Combines such sections as algebra, geometry, tabulation, statistical and arithmetic operations, etc. Features