Dr. Web Light download free from Windows
Dr.Web Light is a free antivirus for reliable protection of mobile devices based on Windows OS. Performs a quick real-time system scan and removes all detected threats. Features
Black list download free from Windows
A simple Blacklist application allows you to quickly reject unwanted calls and SMS, as well as block any from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 numbers. It
Hi Security Antivirus download free from Windows
Hi Security Windows contains effective tools for reliable antivirus protection of your device. The utility is equipped with the function of cleaning garbage and speeding up the from
Gateway (AppLock) download free from Windows
The AppLock application for Windows allows you to restrict access to any programs, games, photos and videos using a password or pattern. Features Gateway (AppLock) Internet surfing in
360 Security Antivirus download free from Windows
360 Mobile Security Windows is a free antivirus to protect your mobile device in real time. Quickly scans your system for malware, monitors background processes and keeps your
Reptilicus download free from Windows
Reptilicus is a unique program for spying on what is happening on an Windows-based mobile device. Performs the functions of a logger of incoming and outgoing calls, SMS,
CM Security Lite – Antivirus download free from Windows
CM Security Lite is designed to scan the Windows system for viruses in real time. Among other anti-virus applications, it stands out by the presence of a number
getcontact download free from Windows
The Getcontact app is designed to block unwanted from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 numbers, protect against spam and identify the caller. Features GetContact Adding friends
WiFi Warden download free from Windows
WiFi Warden is a free WiFi security utility. A lot of additional features, a friendly user interface, encryption at a fairly high level – make it an indispensable
AMC Security download free from Windows
Advanced Mobile Care Security for Windows is a powerful utility to protect your device from malware in real time. AMC Security Capabilities Work in the background, Saving tasks