FileView Pro download free from Windows
FileViewPro is a universal program that allows you to open and view any files in your computer’s memory. Supports various formats of text documents, images, spreadsheets, audio, video
SSD Mini Tweaker download free from Windows
SSD Mini Tweaker is a program for tuning the system for SSD drives. Does not require installation on a PC, includes an intuitive interface, supports all modern versions
Partition Magic download free from Windows
Partition Magic is a powerful utility for managing hard disk partitions. Having the BootMagic tool will give you the ability to quickly switch between multiple OSes on your
BotMek download free from Windows
BotMek is a free macro keyboard and mouse emulator. Contains a common database of macros and scripts, allows you to create and run your own, helps to greatly
Win7 USB/DVD download tool download free from Windows
Windows 7 USB / DVD download tool is a free utility from Microsoft that is required to create a bootable USB flash drive or disk with Windows. You
AS SSD Benchmark download free from Windows
AS SSD Benchmark Portable is a simple and useful utility for testing HDD and SSD drives. The results obtained will be useful for diagnosing the current state of
Bootice download free from Windows
Bootice is a multifunctional utility for creating bootable and installation flash drives. Often used when installing or reinstalling the OS on computers and netbooks without an optical drive.
Easy Service Optimizer download free from Windows
ESO is a handy portable utility that allows you to manage all the services in Windows. Offers advanced options for disabling, removing, and adding system and user processes.
Autoruns Sysinternals download free from Windows
AutoRuns is a free utility for controlling the startup of programs, games, services, modules, drivers, and codecs. Able to scan using the VirusTotal service to detect Trojans and
HDDScan download free from Windows
HDDScan is a free utility for diagnosing hard drives for bad sectors. Allows you to view SMART attributes and configure some drive parameters (rotation speed, etc.). HDDScan Features