CDBurnerXP download free from Windows


The CDBurnerXP program is designed to burn, copy and burn images from discs. It is closed source and based on the StarBurn SDK. In short, it copies discs, reads images from them, creates bootable drives, supports most formats and discs, such as CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD.

Features of CDBurnerXP

  • Burning music discs from flac, wma, mp3, wav, ogg audio files,
  • Creation and printing of covers for discs,
  • Display information about the drive and disk used,
  • Burn bootable flash drives and discs,
  • Copying discs,


  • The interface, as well as the official website of the program, are in Russian,
  • Support for many SCSI, USB, IDE and Firewire drives,
  • Record from Blu-ray, CD-R, DVD-R to DVD+R, BD, HD-DVD, as well as dual-layer and multi-session discs,
  • You can work with the program using cmd.exe (command line),
  • The program integrates with LightScribe.


  • After the update, there is a tiny chance that the program will make mistakes, damaging files on the burned disc
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