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cFosSpeed ​​is a program for optimizing the Internet connection using the Traffic Shaping technology. Responsible for proper traffic distribution and prioritization of various protocols and applications.

cFosSpeed ​​features

  • Setting priorities for protocols,
  • Improves the quality of communication in VOIP clients,
  • Optimization of mobile and peer-to-peer networks,
  • Automatic router detection function,
  • Increases Internet bandwidth,
  • Compatible with standard PPPoE drivers,
  • Working with modem, cable connection, DSL, ISDN, Dial-Up and so on,
  • Allows you to achieve high speed when playing streaming audio and video.


  • Possibility to reduce PING time,
  • Effective elimination of network congestion,
  • Built-in traffic shaping tools,
  • Stable software updates from the official website,
  • Simple interface with convenient controls,
  • The new version of cFosSpeed ​​10.22 build 2290 Final is compatible with Windows 7 and above,
  • The network driver allows you to increase the speed of the Internet in real time.


  • The trial version is valid for 30 days.
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