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CGMiner is a Bitcoin mining console miner designed for advanced users and professionals. Considered one of the most productive, optimized for the best MH/S performance.

Features of CGMiner

  • Cryptocurrency mining,
  • Fine-tuning the program for mining,
  • Adjustment of fan rotation and shutdown parameters,
  • Overclocking the video card in manual mode up to the complete “dump” of the chip,
  • A large number of settings for pools, support for launch keys.


  • The work of the miner is optimized for a farm with AMD Radeon and Nvidia video cards,
  • It is compatible with Nvidia graphics cards released with Cuda technology,
  • The new versions of the miner announced support for the Neoscrypt algorithm for the most efficient use of ATI drivers,
  • The developers have provided a large list of launch keys in different modes,
  • It contains many different settings, in experienced hands it shows the best performance among competitors,
  • Supports more bitcoin mining algorithms than all available analogues, also includes the Cryptonight algorithm.


  • Controlling the program through the command line – there is no graphical shell.
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