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Love board logic games, but don’t have time to play or have good partners at hand? The developer of English Checkers offers a wonderful alternative – the Checkers game for Windows tablets and from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s. Now your favorite entertainment is always at hand!


  • Compactness,
  • 7 difficulty levels,
  • Implemented game assistant,
  • Nice sound addition,
  • Distributed completely free of charge,
  • Very realistic graphic component,
  • There is an opportunity to cancel the last move,
  • 5 themes to choose from: black, dark, art, gold and light,
  • The game will make you think before each move, and not just kill time,
  • Two-player mode is supported, for intellectual battles with your friends on one gadget,
  • Several modes for any request: American pool, Czech, Turkish, Thai, Brazilian, Italian, Spanish, International, Russian and English draughts.


  • No online component,
  • Very high difficulty,
  • There is no possibility to activate the ‘Move back’,
  • There are lags when switching to ‘Front View’,
  • The game contains annoying advertising content,
  • AI is programmed only to win, because when there is one checker left, it still makes attempts to win.
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