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Chemax Rus

The CheMax Rus program contains the secrets of passage, passwords and cheat codes from many computer games. In addition to your favorite games, CheMax helps you maximize the variety and ease of your gaming experience.

Features of CheMax Rus

  • Convenient catalog with a set of passwords and cheats (cheats, hex-cheats) from 14,000 games of various genres,
  • Introduced cheats for infinite money, lives, ammo, immortality, super speed, etc.,
  • Available manual search for the necessary materials,
  • Providing a link to the official walkthrough instructions,
  • Sending content for printing or saving to a text document.


  • The list of toys is sorted alphabetically,
  • Small installation file size,
  • No hints – only confirmed passwords and codes,
  • The base of cheats is periodically replenished, now there are several thousand games with codes in it,
  • The current version of CheMax 18.1 is optimized for Windows XP through 8,
  • Beautiful interface, does not load the system,
  • Convenient toolbar,
  • In order not to keep free CheMax on your computer, you can use the function of printing out cheat codes, passwords for the most popular games on the market in Russia and Ukraine.


  • The collection of passwords is not intended for online games,
  • Parameter editing tools are not included, you will have to use other applications hex editors to apply cheats,
  • The new version of the program does not always work correctly with Windows 10.
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