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MAXON Cinebench is a benchmark for evaluating the performance of your computer’s CPU and graphics card. The software only works with 64-bit systems.

Features of Cinebench

  • Video card and CPU testing,
  • Compatible with multiprocessor operating systems,
  • Supports Cinebench 15 running in the background,
  • Manual adjustment of the window size of the Cinebench program,
  • Shows the number of frames per second FPS during rendering,
  • Contains a wide range of complex graphics tests,
  • Displays system performance in real conditions.


  • Low system requirements Cinebench Benchmark,
  • Displays the consumption of RAM by the operating system kernel and processes,
  • Simple interface, convenient management and software testing,
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X at 64 bit,
  • Saving test results to a text document,
  • Gives a load to the video card of almost a million polygons, 256 threads are used in OpenGL mode,
  • Photorealistic 3D graphics with detailed relief, transparency, lighting, light sources,
  • The ability to fully evaluate the performance of a video card for free,
  • Supports a large number of Intel Core, Intel Xeon, AMD Phenom, AMD FX and so on.


  • Does not work with 32 bit systems,
  • Does not support Windows XP and Vista,
  • There are no software updates for a personal computer from the official website of MAXON.
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