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Cinema 4d

CINEMA 4D Studio handles 3D design with ease and provides a significant advantage when working with 3D graphics. Together with this utility, you can easily achieve amazing results when modeling characters and creating animations. You can customize and process characteristics such as textures, lighting, materials, and more. 4D Studio has a nice interface, implemented in Russian, which makes the management quite comfortable.

CINEMA 4D features

  • Option to create animation effects,
  • All the necessary modern modeling tools are available,
  • Ability to create scripts in several programming languages,
  • Dynamic 3D design functionality,
  • Ability to work with parameters of textures, lighting and materials,
  • Convenient sculpting modeling,
  • Implemented network rendering to speed up.


  • Fast animation creation process and excellent built-in toolset,
  • If you are a professional 3D designer, this utility is for you,
  • The language of the intuitive interface is Russian,
  • In each update, new tools from the developers are added,
  • Excellent optimization performance with Intel, Amd processors,
  • Powerful animation technologies, including high-quality traced hair, physical contact with the wind, and more,
  • All current operating systems from Microsoft are supported.


  • Pretty impressive system requirements, having at least 1024 RAM takes up a lot of disk space,
  • The extensive features of the licensed packages CINEMA 4D Prime Studio, Broadcast and Visualize (starting from 4D R14) are somewhat curtailed in the demo version, which is valid for only 42 days.
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