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‘Cleaner’ scans the system, finds and removes temporary junk files, fixes Windows registry errors to increase the speed of your computer or laptop and increase free disk space. In addition, the computer cleaner program allows you to quickly remove pop-ups, banners, toolbars and viruses.

Features Cleaner

  • Quick clearing of the history of visiting Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla and other browsers,
  • Deep system cleaning: rid your computer of unnecessary files, registry errors, disk cleanup,
  • Removal of potentially dangerous, unwanted software, viruses,
  • Increasing the speed of the system, removing malware and personal data thieves,
  • High-quality cleaning of the registry without removing dangerous and unnecessary keys,
  • Blocking viral ads, even those that the antivirus does not see.


  • Scanning Windows in automatic mode at the highest level,
  • Analysis of your system runs in the background, protection of confidential data is always active,
  • Cleaning Windows with ‘Cleaner’ is guaranteed to increase the speed of your PC,
  • Any installed web browsers are supported for deleting cache and history,
  • ‘Cleaner’ will easily save your computer from annoying ads, malware,
  • Low system software requirements, low RAM consumption,
  • Frequent updates from the official website of the project with the addition of new functionality.


  • Some features require a paid version to activate,
  • The utility does not contain additional tools, like many analogues.
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