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Clickteam Fusion is one of the most popular game and app builders. Allows you to create interesting projects for Windows, iOS, Windows, Flash, XNA, Windows Mobile and Xbox.

Features of Clickteam Fusion

  • Powerful application development tools,
  • Ability to develop two-dimensional games (without creating 3D games),
  • Export of game projects to HTML5, Flash,
  • Adding various auxiliary objects,
  • Repost screenshots of the workflow to social networks,
  • Creation of ready-made solutions for Windows mobile devices,
  • Integrated visual editor and extension manager.


  • Easy to use Clickteam Fusion,
  • Compatibility with WinXP,
  • High speed of work,
  • Low system requirements,
  • Small installation file size,
  • Joystick simulation supported,
  • Convenient environment for developing games of any genre,
  • Supports different mobile platforms,
  • Built-in editor of events and object properties,
  • Advanced Physics Engine Multimedia Fusion,
  • Clickteam Fusion does not require professional game programming skills.


  • Clickteam Fusion cannot make games in 3D, which limits the imagination of creative people,
  • English-language interface, lack of Russification even on third-party resources,
  • The Fuzion official website has stopped releasing software updates,
  • Clickteam Fusion free software involves placing your logo on the screen of finished games,
  • The full Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer version has more features.
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