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Clip Studio Paint Pro offers artists a powerful and useful tool to comfortably draw manga comics. The application includes a wide range of templates with effects and scenes, as well as many digital brushes with a choice of any color palette.

Features Clip Studio Paint Pro

  • Working with touch screens,
  • Access to cloud storage,
  • The presence of a graphic editor,
  • Customizable windows and toolbars,
  • Support for vector graphics of different formats,
  • Management using hot keys on the keyboard and mouse,
  • The function of importing images from a connected scanner has been implemented,
  • Automatic software updates from the official website of CELSYS Artist Software.


  • Convenient interface navigation,
  • Supports work with layers,
  • Low requirements for PC resources,
  • Development of the user’s creative abilities,
  • Test for smooth and consistent movement of objects,
  • Compatibility of the software product with Windows 10 and Mac OS X (32, 64 bit),
  • Installation of Drawing Painting Tools add-ons with new templates and tools,
  • Use of unique effects ‘illusion’, ‘transparent background’, ‘page distortion’, etc.


  • High cost of the activation key,
  • The full version of Clip Studio Paint EX Pro contains more features.
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