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CMS is a powerful software that allows you to manage the entire video surveillance system. Works with DVRs and IP cameras from different manufacturers, supports fine-tuning of equipment and your profile.

Features of CMS Video Surveillance

  • Setting up remote control,
  • Quick creation of a local network,
  • Surveillance in real time,
  • Manual setting of the workspace,
  • Restriction of access rights to your session,
  • Support for various CCTV cameras,
  • Enable prompts when you first start the program,
  • Ability to view videos in the built-in player.


  • Support for working with cloud storage,
  • Friendly interface in Russian,
  • There are CMS versions for Windows, Windows and iOS,
  • Fine-tuning the control of the DVR,
  • Data backup functions are available,
  • Feedback from the technical support service,
  • Quick entry of a static IP address for connection,
  • Regular software updates from the official website of the manufacturer.


  • On Windows XP, some network settings are missing,
  • Rather high load on the CMS network when connecting a large number of cameras,
  • To use the professional software package, you need to have a purchased serial number.
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