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Codec Dlya Windows

Codec for Windows is a storehouse of the latest versions of the most popular codecs responsible for viewing audio and video files. The need for such a modification of the ‘codec pack’ for the user is to play multimedia files without quality loss.


  • You can download codecs in one file,
  • Supported formats are AVI, MKV, MPG, MPEG2, FLAC, APE, MP4, EVO, FLV, VEBM, OGM, JGG, TS, PS, DTS,
  • The absence of third-party players in the codec pack,
  • Windows Media Player is supported as well as Windows Media Center,
  • The latest version included 32 and 64 bit codecs.


  • The content of the codec pack includes the most common formats,
  • The utility is famous for its versatility,
  • A set of codecs contributes to high-quality playback of audio and video files,
  • Streaming playback of video files in the open spaces of the most popular browsers,
  • Excellent optimization with Windows 7 and Windows 8,
  • The new version contains improved media player classic,
  • The current version of the package does not affect the speed of the Windows system,
  • The utility can be downloaded for free.


  • There is no full-fledged Russian language,
  • Problems with optimization of Windows Vista and Windows XP.
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