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Construct 2 will allow you to create games for different operating systems. It has a simple and intuitive interface, as well as a lot of training videos. It is popular among professionals and beginners, does not require special knowledge in programming languages. Allows you to make the game in 2D.

Features Construct 2

  • Support for Drag and Drop option,
  • Integrated game engine Box 2D Physics,
  • The presence of 20 built-in lessons for beginners,
  • Using more than 70 visual effects,
  • Scale text display function,
  • Ability to connect the Javascript SDK plugin,
  • Fast and convenient process of creating games in Construct Game Maker,
  • A large number of tools for setting up the event system,
  • Allows you to apply realistic laws of physics to characters, objects and other components,
  • Supports desktop and mobile platforms Windows, iOS, Windows, Windows from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7, Blackberry 10, PC Mac, Linux, etc.


  • Intuitive interface,
  • Multiplatform export of your games,
  • Project constructor for mobile devices and PC,
  • Fast work, start in a few seconds,
  • The presence of a convenient panel of properties and physical effects,
  • Lots of useful information in the Construct community,
  • Use of technologies and services of CocoonJS, directCanvas and Intel XDK,
  • Game development with the addition of object behavior plugins,
  • The free version of Construct is compatible with WinXP and above,
  • Works with browsers that support HTML5, Amazon Appstore, Chrome Web Store, Facebook, Firefox MarketPlace, etc.


  • You can’t create a game in 3D,
  • Some menu items are in English,
  • Restricted Software for Commercial Use.
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