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Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, cookies, muffins, sushi – the Cooking Fever game for Windows makes you hungry! But get ready for the fact that there will be no time to have a bite, because you need to cook delicious dishes non-stop, manage waiters and chefs and serve the customers of your establishment!

Features of Cooking Fever

  • Use helpful tips from your kitchen helper, cheerful chef Sarah,
  • Improve the interior, buy unique types of equipment for the development of the bar (restaurant),
  • Feel yourself in the role of a chef and a restaurateur, hone the speed and skill of cooking,
  • Give away free treats to attract more customers and stay ahead of your competitors,
  • Try all possible products, use different cooking methods, decorate desserts so that your cupcakes will remember everything.


  • 100 ingredients for 400 recipes and over 400 levels
  • Exciting gameplay that develops quick reactions, attentiveness and multitasking,
  • Gradual development of culinary skills: from cooking the simplest food to spring rolls and other chic restaurant delights,
  • A restaurant simulator with a large number of locations: from catering establishments and fast food restaurants to an oriental restaurant and an oyster bar.


  • The impression of high-quality animation and realistic graphics of locations slightly spoils the image of the characters: developers should work on the facial expressions and movements of people.
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