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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a packaged set of graphic editors ‘for all occasions’ from the same developer Corel Corporation. In principle, this package can be considered one CorelDRAW program. The division is based on work with raster, vector, animated graphics, as well as on screenshots. We also separately created an application for viewing and editing digital Raw images Pixmantec RawShooter.

Features of CorelDRAW

  • Viewing, editing and processing of digital images, raster and vector graphics,
  • Adding color filters, blur effects, noise, etc.,
  • Adding text with a changeable font, size, color – all your changes can be monitored in real time,
  • Screenshots that can be immediately set to a specific shape in the form of a regular landscape sheet, square, oval, etc.,
  • Printing images that have been completed,
  • Convert GIF, PNG, JPF, TGA, BMP, etc. formats, as well as convert raster graphics to vector graphics and vice versa,
  • Generation of QR codes and their editing, adding images to them that correspond to your desires and company design,
  • Animation creation and editing.


  • All individual programs from the package perform certain functions, so you don’t have to open a heavy graphics editor for a screenshot,
  • Retouching will become even easier if you use a tool called ‘Healing Clone’,
  • Working with several images distributed over separate windows or tabs,
  • While working, hints from the reference material will pop up that will help you fully understand all the principles of management in this editor,
  • Your plans and ideas for creating a specific design or logo can be easily implemented using changeable parameters, customizable filters, transparency, precise selection, fill, and more.


  • The free version (trial) ends 30 days after the first launch, and the price of the full (latest) version is extremely high,
  • For comfortable operation of the program, a lot of space on a solid state drive and a more or less average computer are required.
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