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Cpu Control

CPU Control is a free program that can reduce the load on the processor cores, as well as increase the speed of the PC. The utility is able to optimize the work of available system resources using five built-in modes.

CPU Control Capabilities

  • CPU-Control is a program capable of distributing the load on each core of the system.
  • The user can choose the desired option from five operating modes.
  • Support for Windows 7, as well as Vista, XP.
  • Optimizing the system resources of the user’s computer to improve performance and improve system performance.
  • The utility interface is designed in Russian.
  • Using the CPU Control program, you can create specific scenarios for distributing processes across multiple cores.


  • The CPU-Control program proved to be excellent in multi-core systems – two, three, quad-core processors and more.
  • There is a mode that runs all tasks through the first core or the second.
  • CPU Control supports automatic operation.
  • Allows you to create several profiles, for example, for games, for working with graphic applications,
  • Acceptable system requirements for the utility.
  • There is a manual control mode that allows you to use the cores as efficiently as possible.
  • Excellent indicator of control of multi-core processors.
  • Good level of optimization with Windows OS.


  • To work with Windows 8, you will need to run compatibility mode.
  • Settings in manual mode from the task manager are saved until the PC is restarted.
  • Some processes started by the system may remain undefined.
  • CPU-Control Windows does not save settings to a file, which requires new input after reinstalling Windows.
  • The latest version of the utility has not been updated for a long time, so the processor cores of new versions may not be supported.
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