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CrystalDiskInfo is a program for diagnosing the condition of PC hard drives and other drives. Displays detailed information about HDD performance and provides data read error reports.

Features of CrystalDiskInfo

  • Displaying detailed information about the hard disk with SATA, IDE interface,
  • Support for external drives and USB devices,
  • Specifies the firmware version and serial number,
  • Carries out diagnostics of SMART values,
  • Finds sector errors and suggests ways to fix them,
  • Temperature and fan speed display,
  • Allows you to manage the power and noise of the HDD (functions AAM, APM),
  • Sending email notifications.


  • Supports SMART, NVMe technology,
  • The official site regularly updates the software,
  • Creation of boot disks,
  • Built-in device manager,
  • Availability of a portable version of the program,
  • The application is optimized with all versions of Microsoft Windows: XP – Windows 10,
  • Shows the model, memory size, hard drive operating time and the number of inclusions,
  • Temperature change monitoring, real-time error control.


  • During the installation process, there may be problems with the translation into Russian.
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