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D-Soft Flash Doctor is a powerful portable utility for flash drive recovery and media health monitoring. It also knows how to create a backup copy of user information.

Features of D-Soft Flash Doctor

The d-soft flash doctor utility helps restore USB drives in case of problems. The following functions are available:

  • Creating a disk image,
  • Restoring files from an image,
  • Scanning the device for errors,
  • Low-level formatting and soft reset.


  • Russian language of the interface and reference information,
  • Support for hard drives and flash drives, including damaged ones,
  • The application recognizes most flash drives and memory cards that the system cannot read and format,
  • Drive performance is fully restored after cleaning,
  • The utility is able to create images of user information if the file system is in order,
  • Ease of use – no specific skills required,
  • Availability – D-Soft Flash Doctor is free software,
  • Portability – no application installation is required, just download the archive and run the executable file,
  • Prevalence – supported by Windows XP and all later OS revisions (vista, 7), including the latest versions of Windows 10.


  • Does not always recognize flash drives and helps to solve the problem,
  • Quite a few useful features, apart from the main ones,
  • Almost never updated from the official site.
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