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Dead Island is an impressive shooter with horror elements from the studio Techland. While vacationing at the tropical Royal Palms Resort, four tourists encounter the walking dead. The heroes have to find out what caused the infection and get out of the dangerous island as soon as possible.

Dead Island Features

  • The ability to develop a character at your discretion,
  • Convenient location of the scale of health, armor and energy,
  • An interesting story trailer, a video for each task,
  • Crowds of terrifying monsters and exciting battles with them,
  • Many types of cold and firearms,
  • There are versions of the shooter for PC, as well as Xbox One and PS3 consoles,
  • Huge open locations, events unfold from the actions of the gamer,
  • You can take screenshots of the game Dead Island and record gameplay on video,
  • Dynamic gameplay, missions can be completed in completely different ways,
  • Single or multiplayer mode (you can play with four fighters).


  • Improved animation effects,
  • Realistic physics and mechanics,
  • Russian voice acting and interface,
  • Atmospheric soundtrack,
  • Integration with the Steam gambling service,
  • Nothing is cut or recoded,
  • Quick account registration for multiplayer,
  • Excellent reviews and reviews from leading computer critics,
  • Contains Action, Shooter, 3D, 1st Person, RPG, Horror genres,
  • On the official website of the developer there is a video review of the plot,
  • High-quality game engine Unreal Engine, similar to Left for Dead 2,
  • You can upgrade different types of weapons and repair vehicles,
  • You can install new items and additions DLC Game Year Edition, Escape Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition, Extreme Firefighting, Zombie Apocalypse Reloaded, Ryder White, etc.


  • Co-op requires a launcher.
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