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Dead Rivals for Windows is a new RPG game from the developers of the Gameloft studio. Explore a huge open post-apocalyptic world, fight enemies and zombies, craft your own weapons…


  • Russian-language interface,
  • High quality graphics,
  • Unique character skills,
  • Addictive storyline,
  • Effective soundtrack,
  • Extensive arsenal of small arms,
  • MMORPG style quest and mission system,
  • Many levels stuffed with action,
  • Intuitive dynamic control system,
  • You can either kill zombies according to the story or take part in dynamic pvp battles,
  • The game has the ability to customize the appearance of your character, adding colorful skins to it.


  • The game contains ads,
  • Server freezes are observed periodically,
  • There are quite a few cheaters in the game and the administration has not yet taken the necessary measures.
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