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Deltarune is an unusual and mysterious role-playing game from the creator of Toby Fox, containing a lot of exciting quests. You have to develop your character, participate in fun turn-based battles and find new unique items needed to complete story missions.


  • All battles are fought step by step,
  • Developed system of pumping heroes,
  • The toy uses MEME animation,
  • Various options for passing tasks,
  • The presence of various creatures on the map,
  • Opportunity to play in colorful locations,
  • A wide selection of swords, bows and magical staves,
  • The duration of the battle directly depends on the gamer,
  • There is a version of Deltarune for mobile devices running Windows.


  • Low load on RAM,
  • Interesting gameplay,
  • There is a Russian interface language,
  • The presence of an exciting storyline,
  • On the official website, you can take a survey about the toy,
  • It is a continuation of the popular creation of Undertale PC,
  • A rapidly growing representative of the RPG and JRPG genre,
  • Regular updates to the game Deltarune from the developer Toby Fox,
  • Possibility to add your own mp3 file for playback during the passage.


  • The game is under development,
  • Primitive graphical implementation.
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