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Diablo III is a cult Action RPG with a compelling storyline and incredibly addictive gameplay. Immerse yourself in the gloomy fantasy world of Sanctuary and take your hero to a grandiose battle with the forces of evil that have come to the surface of the earth from the very depths of the underworld.

Features of Diablo III

  • Subtly thought out pumping,
  • Multiplayer mode supported,
  • Maps are divided into a variety of locations,
  • Good choice of character classes for players,
  • Random generation of dungeons, shrines and portals,
  • An impressive arsenal of melee weapons and spells,
  • Many main tasks and secondary quests,
  • Control with keyboard, mouse or gamepad,
  • Access to a huge gothic world, complete freedom of action,
  • Various rewards and bonus rewards for completing missions,
  • A large number of different infernal monsters and fabulous creatures,
  • The gameplay can be recorded on video or take screenshots of interesting moments,
  • The user can purchase unique artifacts (for example, in Deckard Cain’s act or Mbwiru Eikura),
  • Adjustable difficulty level before starting a new single-player or co-op game,
  • Installation of add-ons Diablo 3 Collectors Edition, Diablo III Reaper Souls, Eternal Collection, Lord Destruction, Darkening of Tristram, Dungeon Crawl is available.


  • Russian voice acting and interface,
  • A variety of inventory for the character,
  • Convenient location of control keys,
  • Integration with the gambling service Steam Play,
  • Does not require registration, does not contain ads,
  • Amazing sound and musical accompaniment,
  • Available to use cheats in the process of passing,
  • Regular updates of game content from developers,
  • High quality drawing of three-dimensional objects and textures,
  • You can use the portal to quickly teleport around the map,
  • Excellent graphical implementation against the background of previous Diablo releases,
  • An incredibly interesting story about the fight against demons and the salvation of mankind,
  • On the official Blizzcon Activision NPC website, you can find a video review and trailers,
  • Quick entry to the battle.net platform server for multiplayer mode in the arena with other players,
  • One of the most popular RPG 3d 3rd person in the world (the announcement of the release of the third part attracted more than 10 million gamers).


  • Slowly adding mods and patches from the Fall of Tristram version,
  • Quite a long download and installation of the original Diablo III,
  • There is a paid add-on for Reaper Souls that contains more features.
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