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DirectX 11 is software that provides a set of functions for the OS to interact with video card drivers. Allows you to achieve the best graphic effects in games and multimedia applications on your computer or laptop.

Features DirectX 11

  • Acceleration of your video card,
  • Russian-language localization of the installer,
  • Fine visual (2D, 3D) and sound settings,
  • Allows you to implement high-quality animation,
  • Advanced algorithm for working with video / audio streams,
  • Detailed instructions for working with the DirectX program,
  • Improving the drawing of pictures in various gaming applications,
  • Automatic download of software updates from the official Microsoft website,
  • Provides effective image compression for the desired screen format, taking into account the specific model of the graphics adapter.


  • Quick and easy installation on a PC,
  • Does not require a lot of hard disk space,
  • You can run the GPU diagnostic tool,
  • Eliminate crashes and errors when opening Windows applications,
  • Correct reflection of shadow and light in volumetric games,
  • DX11 compatibility with Windows 8.1 and 10 OS at 64 bit,
  • Improved compute shader tessellation tool,
  • Supports most graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD.


  • During the installation process, you may need to turn off the antivirus.
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