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DirectX 12 contains a set of features and tools that are responsible for the interaction of the operating system with your graphics card drivers. Improves graphics, texture quality and object detail in today’s PC games, speeds up the launch and operation of demanding applications.

Features DirectX 12

  • Fine-tuning GPU and CPU parameters,
  • Support for new graphics accelerators,
  • Reduced CPU load,
  • A tool for checking the capacities of the core and chips,
  • Creation of complex dynamic effects and scenes,
  • Increased performance of PCs and laptops in games,
  • Provides the most realistic image,
  • Powerful functionality for working with video card drivers,
  • Automatic improvement of the quality of three-dimensional objects,
  • Compatible with Direct3D class adapters (GeForce GTX, Radeon HD) 9.0c, 10 and 11/12,
  • Allows you to update outdated drivers in Microsoft Windows,
  • The software distribution kit helps to eliminate application startup errors and restore incorrectly working ones.


  • Quick install DX12,
  • Allows you to improve animations,
  • Eliminates texture rendering flaws,
  • Detailed management instructions,
  • The absence of any viruses and advertising content,
  • Regular software updates from the official Microsoft website,
  • Added ‘overlay’ and ‘conservative rasterization’ modes,
  • Supports multiple GPUs from different manufacturers,
  • Compatibility of the new version of DirectX 12 with Windows from XP and above (32, 64 bit),
  • Integrated hardware diagnostics for failures and errors.


  • During installation, the installer may ask you to temporarily disable the antivirus.
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