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DirectX is a set of system libraries from Microsoft that are required to run most serious computer games, as well as programs for working with 3D graphics and surround sound. Without updating DirectX to the latest version, it is often impossible to launch games.

Features DirectX

  • Improving the quality of graphic applications, their three-dimensional animation, sound effects,
  • Smoothing textures, achieving realistic images, increasing fps,
  • Correct operation of mouse and keyboard controllers, processors, video adapter in games,
  • Improving video quality when playing streaming objects,
  • Accelerated rendering of visual elements in 2d and 3d – Directx 11 is required to run most modern games based on the shader model.


  • Improved software processing of two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics, effects on websites,
  • DirectX automatic update via Windows Update,
  • The tool allows you to improve PC performance in multimedia mode,
  • DirectX 12.0 is included with Windows 10, so it doesn’t need to be installed separately,
  • Availability of the latest versions of DirectX in SP1 for Windows 7,
  • Ability to reinstall the library on a PC without access to the Internet, for example, from a USB drive,
  • Support for games of various manipulators and input devices – joysticks, gaming keyboards and gamepads.


  • The need to monitor the DirectX update on the PC yourself if Windows Update is disabled.
  • The main components of Direct X are designed only for modern Win 7 – 10 operating systems, it can be problematic to install it to process the graphical component of multimedia applications in Windows 2000, XP due to the obsolescence of the software and hardware of computers.
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