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DivX Codec Pack is a packaged set of codecs that serves as a tool for playing the most popular video file formats at the moment. The Divx Plus Codec Pack will provide the user PC with the benefits of comfortable media playback.

Features of the DivX Codec Pack

  • This codec pack has the option to transfer video files to game consoles,
  • Playback divx, avi, mkv, mp4 in high quality,
  • The presence of features for playing audio tracks with subtitles,
  • Relatively fast file playback.


  • Very simple installation process of the Divx package,
  • You can download Divx for free,
  • One of the best free software for PC,
  • Playback of video, high-definition audio content and sound, respectively,
  • Optimization with Windows 7,
  • Compatibility with outdated, but still running Windows XP,
  • All known extensions are supported.


  • The new version is not fully implemented in Russian,
  • The program is only compatible with Windows and Mac OS.
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