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DjVu Reader is a utility that adds the ability to view djvu files to the user’s PC. It is noteworthy that the latest version of the program has a multifunctional editor for djvu files.

Features of DjVu Reader

  • A very convenient program for reading files in djvu format,
  • Copying text, images,
  • Image contrast correction, as well as brightness settings for any djvu files,
  • The presence of a useful toolbar, there are hot keys,
  • Image text recognition that can be enlarged/reduced,
  • The Windows system correctly uses all the features of the program,
  • DjVu Reader can copy text along with images to the clipboard,
  • Automatically includes full-screen viewing in both single and double-page modes,
  • The ability to quickly view files and open several e-books, magazines from an archive or folder at once.


  • The reader has a large number of display options and settings,
  • Convenient navigation through the application interface,
  • Adjustable contrast, image brightness,
  • The reader supports Windows 7, as well as XP, Vista, optimized with Windows 8,
  • Several viewing modes for text and images, supports a table of contents,
  • Deja Vu Reader is an extremely simple, convenient and intuitive utility,
  • Implementation of the interface in Russian is available,
  • This is an open source project,
  • There is a version of the application for mac os,
  • Ability to print diagrams from a flash drive or other media,
  • Displaying page thumbnails (useful when viewing documentation),
  • The ability to convert scanned documents through djvureader using its own algorithm,
  • This e-book reader runs without the need to download first.


  • The DjVu Reader software only supports one format,
  • The DjVu program options did not include the ability to scroll through pages by scrolling, the scale in the window is set to it,
  • The official site rarely provides updates for your installation.
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