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DNS Jumper is a useful utility for increasing the speed of your Internet browsing. Provides tools to increase connection security, opens access to blocked web resources, contains a parental control option, etc.

Features of DNS Jumper

  • Change DNS address from your ISP,
  • Support for Internet protocols IPv4/IPv6,
  • Quick return to default settings,
  • Auto search for available servers when the Internet is slow,
  • There is a menu for quick control settings using hot keys,
  • Creation of user profiles, convenient switching between them,
  • Allows you to use OpenDNS servers, which greatly simplifies and facilitates the task of accessing blocked sites.


  • Command line support,
  • Low system requirements,
  • The presence of the Help tab for beginners,
  • Intuitive interface in Russian,
  • Works on the principle of VPN, hiding the real IP address,
  • Opening and minimizing the main window with one mouse click,
  • Providing various ways to configure web filtering,
  • Ensures that there are no problems when bypassing regional blocking,
  • The built-in domain name system allows you to manually change the domain,
  • The latest version fixes minor bugs when downloading content.


  • Doesn’t work with Windows Vista.
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