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Dr.Web CureIt is a free utility for finding and removing viruses on your computer. Differs in simple management and high speed compared to other antivirus programs.

Features of Dr.Web CureIt

  • Running DrWeb Cureit disk, flash drive or HDD – installation is not required,
  • Built-in BIOS check function,
  • Accurate identification of potentially dangerous objects,
  • Integrated quarantine manager for working with infected objects,
  • Diagnosis of a connected mobile device or flash drive,
  • Finds and removes damaging MS Office documents, script viruses and spyware,
  • Web CureIt automatically keeps track of the latest virus database updates,
  • Ensuring security while on the Internet,
  • Scans the system root directory, startup objects and boot sectors,
  • Detects and removes mail and network worms, file viruses and Trojans,
  • Providing real-time real-time protection for your computer.


  • Runs without prior installation on a personal computer,
  • Two scanning modes of DrWeb Cureit – fast and selective,
  • The presence of a convenient command line,
  • Low system requirements,
  • Large database of computer viruses,
  • Clear interface in Russian,
  • Good intrusion detection system,
  • Ability to select a hard disk partition,
  • The Doctor Web scanner can run in the background,
  • The scanner includes a spyware detection module,
  • Ability to set specific report parameters,
  • The latest version is optimized with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system,
  • The antivirus is free for non-commercial use,
  • The official website of the Doctor Web company regularly updates the software,
  • The free antivirus program scans your computer’s hard drive, CDs, DVDs and flash drives in detail.


  • Complete information security is not guaranteed, since the utility is not a full-fledged antivirus that works in real time 24/7,
  • There may be conflicts with other security applications, if an antivirus is already installed on the infected computer, it can block the Dr Web Cureit executable file, considering it to be a malicious program,
  • Rare failures when updating the virus database on Windows Vista, lack of automatic updates – you constantly have to manually download a fresh distribution kit,
  • False positives are possible, for example, the utility will ‘cure the computer’ by removing iObit products from it that do not pose a threat to the system and leave any computer virus untouched,
  • Depending on the amount of information, the check can take up to several hours, the end time is dynamically recalculated, so it is not always displayed correctly.
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