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DRAM Calculator for Ryzen is a small utility for configuring RAM on systems with AMD Ryzen processors. With the correct settings, it allows you to overclock RAM and improve the performance of your device.

Features DRAM Calculator for Ryzen

  • Built-in presets for different memory types (Samsung, Hynix, Micron),
  • Quick calculation of current timings, output of recommendations for settings,
  • The presence of modes for testing Easy, Default and Custom Mode,
  • Display information about delay measurements in the form of a chart (detailed delay time graph).


  • Quick installation on PC,
  • Support for XMP profiles,
  • Adjustable main window size,
  • Help tab with instructions for beginners,
  • Tests RAM with one click,
  • Work with Threadripper 3xxx and Ryzen PRO 4xxx models,
  • Auto-update software from the official website of the developers,
  • Overclocking your computer’s RAM to the highest possible speed is guaranteed.


  • English interface language,
  • In order to avoid errors in the formation of the configuration, it is advisable to read the instructions.
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