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Drift Max Drift for Windows is a new drift racing simulator with great 3D graphics. Stop riding on children’s tracks, it’s time to appreciate the bright drift tracks! Pedal to the floor and Go-Go-Go!


  • Realistic 3D graphics,
  • Camera overview from all angles,
  • Several levels of difficulty,
  • Intuitive believable controls,
  • Individual parameter setting is available,
  • A wide variety of tracks: desert, asphalt, snow-covered track, highway, village, etc.,
  • A modification system has been introduced with the help of various types of stickers, paints, glass colors …,
  • Control in several ways: touch or tilt. Manual braking system,
  • There is a global leaderboard to compare your score with other players from around the world,
  • More than two dozen racing cars, including: the legendary brands of the European, Japanese and American car industry.


  • The physics of the game is unfinished,
  • The game contains promotional content,
  • The system of electronic purchases has been introduced,
  • Track textures disappear from time to time,
  • There is no possibility of car tuning,
  • The cost of cars in the game store is significantly inflated,
  • There is no exit button. To carry out this operation, you just need to minimize the application,
  • When reinstalling the Drift Max app on an Windows from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 and tablet, all previously earned progress will be irretrievably lost.
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