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Play Drive Ahead! on the computer will appeal to all fans of action racing. Clash with your opponents in a crazy battle in the arena. Perform breathtaking stunts, ram and smash enemy vehicles to smithereens and get unique rewards.

Features Drive Ahead!

  • Multiplayer with other players,
  • Getting a place in the standings,
  • Huge selection of vehicles,
  • Dedicated window for in-flight control,
  • Different level of bloodthirstiness of rivals,
  • Traps and heavy obstacles on the tracks,
  • A large number of different locations,
  • The ability to improve and tune your cars,
  • Regular updates to Drive Ahead! on computer,
  • Special bonuses for head-on collisions with your opponents.


  • The presence of a pause key,
  • High speed of work,
  • Dynamic gameplay,
  • Extremely simple control,
  • Many tracks, tasks and cars,
  • High-quality sound accompaniment,
  • Originality and fascination of the plot,
  • Attractive Twin Shooter style graphics,
  • Several levels operate the training system,
  • The ability to play together on one device,
  • The presence of classic passenger cars and cargo giants,
  • Allows you to arm the car with a huge arsenal of weapons,
  • During extreme races with real people, you can choose your opponents.


  • There are paid improvements in the technical characteristics of the car,
  • There may be crashes when starting Drive Ahead on Win XP and Vista.

System requirements of Windows games for PC :

  • 1 GB of RAM,
  • AMD or Intel processor supporting imaging technology,
  • Video card that supports the OpenGL specification at least 2.0,
  • Free hard disk space: from 100 MB,
  • Requires Windows Bluestacks emulator to be installed.
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