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Driver Genius ensures that the user’s PC has all the necessary drivers and is responsible for updating them in a timely manner. The utility is able to backup, restore and remove unacceptable drivers.

Features of Driver Genius Pro

  • The driver search product is constantly updated,
  • Installing the latest drivers on the user’s PC,
  • Convenient ability to create backup copies of drivers,
  • Diagnostics and analysis of installed drivers,
  • Installing drivers for motherboards, video cards, sound, network cards, modems, monitors, keyboards and other system components.


  • Good optimization with Windows 8, as well as with Windows 7 operating system,
  • Automatically updated new versions of required drivers,
  • The already outdated Windows XP is supported,
  • You can create backup copies of the database of existing and saved drivers,
  • Drivers can be updated automatically without the presence of the user,
  • Unused, as well as damaged versions of add-ons and improvements are removed by the utility,
  • Stable and complete hardware diagnostics.


  • There is no Russian language for the utility interface,
  • You can download only a version with limited functionality for free, you will have to pay for the full set of Driver Genius Professional.
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