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DriverPack Solution will automatically install drivers for a specific operating system of the user’s computer. The latest version is recognized as a universal driver installation package that you can always carry with you on any external drive.

Features DriverPack Solution

  • Windows does not need to back up already installed drivers,
  • The built-in database of add-ons and driver package does not need to be connected to the network,
  • There is an automatic update mode for drivers and system components,
  • Possibility to install additional software on Windows OS,
  • Built-in multilingual interface and the presence of its own integration of various drivers into the software base,
  • All current drivers are optimized for 64-bit OS,
  • Driver Pack can be installed directly from a flash drive, as well as DVD and HDD,
  • Supports the Russian version of the external shell.


  • Convenient selection of the optimal driver for the motherboard, processor, video adapter, sound card, chipset, touchpad, modem, etc.,
  • A huge library of drivers, even those that are not in the bases of equipment manufacturers and components,
  • Excellent optimization with Windows 7 – 10,
  • There is a Russian-language interface of the program,
  • Excellent update system, driver search,
  • It is possible to diagnose the hardware of your computer,
  • Each new driver is tested for compatibility with the current OS,
  • DriverPack Solution Online is distributed free of charge, like the Offline version,
  • The presence of its own database of drivers that do not require an Internet connection when downloading,
  • Possibility of comfortable automatic installation of drivers,
  • Work with Windows 7, 8, as well as with Vista, XP (perfect optimization with Windows 8, 10),
  • Reliable additional software for the user PC,
  • The Windows operating system receives a quality driver installation manager in Russian.


  • Not the most detailed description of DriverPack when installing the package,
  • Updating drivers on the official website is quite rare,
  • For advanced users and system administrators, it is better to use expert mode and diagnose the state of the PC in it.
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