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Driver Sweeper is a program for automatically diagnosing, updating and completely removing drivers on your computer. It features an easy-to-use interface and high speed.

Features Driver Sweeper (Driver Fusion)

  • Data backup and recovery functions,
  • Saving the location of icons on the desktop of your computer,
  • Analysis and quick removal of driver remnants and their keys in the system registry.


  • Interface design customization,
  • Ability to remove drivers and registry entries,
  • You can back up old drivers,
  • The presence of a built-in hint (appears at the first start),
  • The latest version of Driver Sweeper is compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1,
  • The ability to completely clean your computer of obsolete device drivers,
  • Extremely simple and pleasant menu, easy operation.


  • No support for Windows 10,
  • Rare crashes when working with the ‘Tasks’ tab,
  • Requires Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 or later.
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