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Dungeon Rush on PC is an exciting role-playing game made in the genre of card strategy. Collect legendary heroes and clear the ancient ruins, mysterious forests and gloomy dungeons from terrible monsters. Free the once thriving fantasy world from dark forces.

Dungeon Rush features

  • Huge fantasy world,
  • The presence of a multi-user mode,
  • Receiving harvest using the auto-harvest function,
  • A large number of different heroes, monsters and other characters,
  • The ability to create your own guild or join an existing one,
  • Automatic strategy updates from the official website of the developer,
  • Sync your progress across from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s, tablets and computers.


  • Management of guild members,
  • High positions on the Play Market,
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS,
  • PvP fights with other players in the arena,
  • Low system requirements Dungeon Rush Windows for PC,
  • Getting rare and unique characters in the form of a daily bonus,
  • The ability to get new things and different resources for your heroes for battles.


  • Lack of interface localization.
  • The full version of the toy for mobile devices contains paid content.
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