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Compete with your friends at a closed table or other real players anywhere and at any time of the day in the Durak Online application for your Windows smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7. Several game modes, live chat, achievement board and gifts are waiting for you!


  • Classic rules,
  • Linking an account to Google,
  • Russian-language user-friendly interface,
  • Variable number of cards in the deck,
  • You can flip more than one card at a time,
  • The possibility of canceling a randomly thrown card has been taken into account,
  • Implemented a convenient filter for sorting and searching for a suitable table,
  • In the throw-in mode, you can set the function “throw everyone” and “throw neighbors”.


  • There is no ‘Draw’ outcome in the application,
  • Animation sticks when turning the gadget,
  • There is a donat, but there is no urgent need for it,
  • The connection to the server is periodically lost,
  • If you lose, money is credited only after 6 hours,
  • In case of winning, the winner receives only a part of the rank amount,
  • Incorrect distribution of cards, which especially affects the final draw,
  • When leaving the lobby, before the start of the battle, chips are removed in the amount of the specified bet,
  • When transferring with a trump card, a lag may occur and instead of a transfer, the player fights back.
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