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Dxtory is an advanced screen recording software for your computer. Contains useful tools for advanced image quality and recording format settings. Allows you to select the frame rate, can be controlled using hotkeys.

Dxtory Features

  • DirectX and OpenGL support,
  • Able to record video from games,
  • You can adjust the FPS speed,
  • Adding graphic elements,
  • Allows you to create screenshots of the screen,
  • Quick minimization and opening of the utility window,
  • Capture audio from multiple channels simultaneously,
  • Save video files to a specified folder on your hard drive.


  • Fine display settings,
  • Low system requirements,
  • Creation of user profiles,
  • Records in real time,
  • Uses modern video recording algorithms,
  • Automatic selection of the optimal video quality,
  • Built-in codecs do not require third-party software to be installed,
  • You can independently set and configure the priority of the CPU cores.


  • High cost of the activation key,
  • Functional limitations of the shareware version of the application.
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