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The second part of the popular two-dimensional arcade racing game Earn to Die 2 for Windows tablet and from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 is already waiting for you! Drive your car – a collapsing rattletrap through hordes of the walking dead and get to the rescue ship!


  • Russian-language interface,
  • Advertising can be quickly closed,
  • Decent graphic component,
  • Realistic physics, as in the first part,
  • Spectacular effects when confronted with zombies,
  • Dynamic atmosphere in the style of a zombie apocalypse,
  • Well composed musical accompaniment,
  • More than 10 cars are available for opening: an ice cream van, a sports car, a fire truck…


  • Not very convenient gameplay of the game,
  • The application contains advertising content,
  • Monotonous architecture in the background,
  • There are flaws in the drawing of the walking dead,
  • The game has digital purchases, but you can do without them,
  • Periodically, after the commercial, the sound in the game disappears and vice versa – the advertisement is closed, but the sound from it is still being produced.
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