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EasyBCD is a program for changing and configuring the Windows bootloader that allows you to manage multiple operating systems installed on your computer.

Features EasyBCD

  • Obtaining information about the configuration of the boot disk of the operating system,
  • Managing the loading of several operating systems at once,
  • Backup and restore options BCD Linux, bsd ms-dos,
  • Detailed scanning of hard disk partitions,
  • Kernel debug function,
  • Correction of existing errors when loading Windows and other operating systems,
  • Adding various software to the Windows start menu, several versions of Windows,
  • Functions to rename and change any entry in the bootloader.


  • The new version of EasyBCD 2.4 supports Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Windows Vista,
  • Fast switching between bootloaders in MBR (BOOTMGR and NTLDR),
  • The presence of a simple interface of easy bsd with convenient management,
  • Some antivirus solutions block EasyBCD,
  • The free version of the program was created for non-commercial use.


  • The interface is not in Russian.
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