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The Edadil app will help you save money! Find out about the best prices for a particular product, use discount coupons and get notified about the latest promotions.

Opportunities Edadil on the computer

  • Install Edadil on PC, laptop,
  • Follow promotions, discounts in your city,
  • Search for the lowest prices for the desired products,
  • Compare prices for a specific product in different stores,
  • Create shopping lists by adding products directly from the catalog,
  • Plan your purchases taking into account the assortment at sales,
  • Choose a retail outlet near the house, indicating its location,
  • Learn how to save the family budget and buy delicacies at an affordable price,
  • Share information about discounts through social networks, SMS, email,
  • View the location of the store and plot a route to it on the built-in map,
  • Choose and purchase a chic gift for loved ones at the most attractive cost.


  • Many useful additional features,
  • Opening hours of stores and addresses with geolocation,
  • Cashback for a partial refund,
  • Colorful design, interesting, pleasant design,
  • Completely free service for all users,
  • Convenient operation, all functions are easy to understand,
  • Automatic online updating of information in the catalog,
  • All discounts, promotions, special offers are collected in one place,
  • Possibility of additional savings thanks to discount coupons,
  • Notifications about the hottest offers in Russian supermarket chains,
  • Sorting positions by price with editing the unit of measurement (per kilogram or piece),
  • All the most popular major retail chains (Magnit, Dixy, Pyaterochka, Korablik, etc.).


  • The application works only on the territory of Russia,
  • You can not view all the promotions of the store in a row – only by category.
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