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Elvenar is a city building game where you can create your own fantasy world. You have to become the ruler of one of the medieval villages and build a real metropolis out of it. Gamers are waiting for incredible adventures filled with epic battles and interesting tasks.

Elvenar features

  • Great gameplay,
  • Many colorful locations,
  • There is a browser version of the strategy,
  • The presence of a multi-user mode,
  • Exchange of goods with other civilizations,
  • Versatile development system for your castle,
  • A wide range of different units: elves, knights, golems, dragons, archers, dwarves, etc.


  • Russian interface language,
  • High-quality graphic implementation,
  • Automatic saving of game progress,
  • Contains genres fantasy, 3D, city simulator,
  • Extremely simple procedure for installing an apk file,
  • Fast registration procedure in the mobile application,
  • Hundreds of different types of structures can be built in the game,
  • Regular updates of the online game Elvenar from the official website of the developer.


  • Availability of paid content.
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