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The Unlock IT program from the developer EMCO is a simple utility that will help you gain access to a locked file or folder. Most often, this is the fault of a system process that you forgot to complete, and sometimes it can be a virus (trojan, worm, banner), which skillfully blocks the possibility of its removal and shutdown.

Features of EMCO UnLock IT

  • EMCO Unlock IT will unlock access to the specified file and find everything that prevents its deletion/movement,
  • Will end the interfering process or program, and if it can’t, it will point you to the location for manual removal,
  • The program can be integrated into Windows Explorer.


  • Absolutely free program,
  • Unlock encrypted files and DLL,
  • The functionality of the program also includes the neutralization and removal of viruses.


  • No support for Windows 10 prior to version 4.0.1.
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