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‘English-Russian Dictionary’ for Windows will help you instantly translate almost any word or phrase from English into Russian and vice versa. The program works without Internet access and has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Features English-Russian Dictionary

  • Search for words from the clipboard,
  • Change the theme and font,
  • Find recent words from a search in the ‘History’ section,
  • Get a translation of foreign words with examples of usage,
  • Translate words and phrases from Russian into English and vice versa,
  • Add new words to your favorites for further repetition and memorization.


  • Instant translation of words and expressions,
  • Completely free, works offline,
  • The dictionary includes phraseological expressions,
  • Widget displaying words from favorites or history,
  • A large English-Russian dictionary in a program that takes up very little space,
  • Sorting words from the search history by frequency (helps to highlight the most common words).


  • The dictionary does not contain geographical names,
  • There are no thematic sections (lexicon from scientific and technical literature, etc.).
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