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Everest is a program that provides complete PC diagnostics. The utility tests the hardware, providing detailed information about the capabilities of the operating system and hardware of your computer. It is worth noting that since 2010, this utility has been replaced by AIDA64 Extreme Edition.

Everest features

  • In the Ultimate Edition, you can get complete information about the hardware and software components of the PC,
  • The analysis of the processor, video card, motherboard, memory modules and audio card is carried out,
  • Data on operating modes, command set and current software,
  • Displays information about installed drivers and running processes,
  • Performance tests are performed, RAM is scanned, and so on.


  • The utility supports any current Windows system,
  • Simple and comfortable interface, interface language – Russian/English,
  • Necessary set of functionality for diagnostics and testing of computer hardware,
  • In the latest version of the program, several elements of testing performance indicators have been introduced,
  • Convenient management and an accessible menu shell with all the required sections.


  • Since 2010, there are no new versions of the utility, AIDA64 has become a continuation,
  • There are more eminent and innovative analogues in the field of PC testing.
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