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Everything is a small free program to quickly find files and folders on your computer. It features an intuitive interface, integrates into the context menu and system tray, can index content on connected network drives.

Everything Features

  • Convenient field for entering search queries,
  • Supports running with administrator rights,
  • Setting up control using hot keys,
  • An application shortcut can be added to the context menu,
  • Content indexing on connected network drives,
  • Advanced functionality that allows you to search for absolutely any files,
  • Tracks changes to the NTFS file system in real time.


  • Pleasant multilingual interface,
  • Minimize to tray with one click,
  • Auto-indexing of non-removable NTFS volumes,
  • Low consumption of processor resources,
  • Access to content in local folders,
  • Support for operators and regular expressions,
  • All found data is displayed in a separate window.


  • Doesn’t work on Windows Vista.
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